Welcome to TalentMine | About Us
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Who We Are

TalentMine is a cutting edge organization that gives you all you need to land your dream job. The firm is focused on training high potential university undergraduates and graduates for internship and full time positions.

What We Believe

At TalentMine, we believe that young Nigerians have the raw intelligence to excel at whatever career path they choose to follow; however they need the access to get a foot in the door and the support in building the skills that potential employers require them to have.

What We Do

TalentMine goes one step above other training and recruitment firms, we not only provide the access, we also provide the refining that lets you maximize that access.



Toluwase Olaniyan

Business Operations Manager

Beatrice Nwogu

HR & Operations Lead

Sulaiman Agbenla

Software Developer

Abiodun Ajibike

Marketing & Communication Lead