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Trends that’s are redefining HR Roles in 2019

Trends that’s are redefining HR Roles in 2019

The global human resource management (HRM) sector is has been on a rollercoaster in the last few years. In other words, the business of creating innovative HR solutions is booming. HR, an industry comprising professionals that have been historically overburdened with the complicated processes of managing the recruitment and lifecycle of employees, is currently experiencing a deluge of innovation.
Here are the top trends influencing and redefining HR Roles in 2019.

1. Employee Engagement
The priorities in 2019 are flexibility to employees and on-boarding or support. HR professionals believe that on-boarding deserves more attention. This involves helping the employee on the way and expressing mutual expectations.
Employee engagement is the level of an employee’s emotional connection, involvement, and commitment to their organization. When employees feel valued—their dedication and enthusiasm for their jobs, coworkers, and companies grow. This, in turn, increases employee retention, performance, and productivity.

2. Remote staff
Thanks to technology, it is easier than ever for employees to work from home, a café, a flex desk or another country.
It is not just full-time employees who work remotely. Instead of hiring full-time employees, organizations can use a global network of talented freelancers, building short-term relationships or project for project.

3. Investing in talent
To allow talent to grow, to discover it and then to use it, an organization must have a favourable culture in which learning and development are possible.
To promote talent development, more and more organizations are investing in the happiness of the employee. Studies have shown that happy employees are more attuned to the goals of the company and therefore add more value to the growth of the organization.

4. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence has gradually made its entry into the HR field. Self-learning systems such as searching for candidates and candidate selection have evolved.
Artificial Intelligence technologies, such as predictive analyzes, change the way companies adopt and maintain their talents and predict trends.
With Artificial Intelligence systems, you can perform all kinds of checks, make estimates and make Data-Driven Decisions.

5. Employer Branding & Labor Market Communication
Consumers are value-driven and so are employees now. Strategically communicating to the internal and external labour market target groups and their influencers with the aim of recruiting new employees, positively influencing the employer image and maintaining contact with current, potential and former employees.
Employees and applicants are aware not only of an employer’s advertising campaigns and brand communications but the charitable giving an employer does, the messages it sends and the way it treats its partners and contractors.

6. Human Analytics
With the boundless possibilities of the value of what data can be processed into, an employer can only slice and dice the numbers in so many ways, welcomes Human Analytics.
These insights alone may not lead to instant change but employers can now monitor the employee lifecycle from onboarding to exit to get a clear view of why people leave, symptoms and but without a deeper understanding of who is leaving and why HR could miss key insights.


The future of work is changing and HR Professionals should be strategic with the dynamics of a possible end or automation of their roles to keep up with the future of Human Resource Management.

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