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Things to do during this ASUU strike.

Things to do during this ASUU strike.

When the ASUU strike commenced a few months ago, many students thought it was a joke and never imagined it will last a week, talk less of a month or more. Sadly, it is unfortunate that the prevailing situation and failure of the institutions involved to come to an agreement, the strike may extend beyond today.

Rather than sit and complain out of frustration, maximizing the free time to build knowledge and skills required in the 21st-century workplace may make the strike a disguised blessing.

The following tips should be fun as well as helpful in your attempt to maximize the free hours, days, weeks during this period.

  1. Think e-learning.

 Things To Do This Holiday

An impressive number of young people spend a great amount of their active day-time on the internet (very nice considering it is generation Z). However, with much time spent on viewing Instagram posts, Facebook updates or the multiple videos on YouTube, some of this internet cravings can be redirected to learning and updating knowledge online.

With over thousands of free online courses, educational channels on YouTube, LinkedIn and materials on Google, the internet can be better optimized for learning and development of interests.

Learn more about professional courses here 


2. Catch up with old friends (and stay in touch with new ones)

 Things To Do This Holiday

Catch up with friends this period

Pretty much everyone will be on holidays at the same time. It is a good time to catch up, relive old times and get the gang together to reminisce about the good ol’ days and learn from each other.

Remember to start networking especially with folks who you share similar career aspirations,  establish and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet, whether you’re waiting to get your bill at the supermarket, participating in sports, or attending a social function.


3. Intern or get a job.

 Things To Do This Holiday

Get an internship

Do not worry too much about what the job will pay. As the saying goes, “Take a job for what you will learn, not for what you will earn.”

This is especially true when it comes to holiday jobs. The best learning experience usually come in the form of an unpaid job or internship because of the less pressure and the contagious readiness to help a gentle friendly intern who wants to learn.  Learn more about the jobs available to you.


4. Volunteer.

 Things To Do This Holiday

Volunteer or be a part of a community project

If you cannot find a job, find a practical way to serve and contribute. You could volunteer to put your skills to test, help in a position or event you will like to manage later in the future, deliver services or be a part of a charity project.

Volunteering can help you gain confidence by giving you the chance to try something new and build a real sense of achievement, meet mentors and help you feel part of something outside your friends and family.


5. Learn a new skill.

 Things To Do This Holiday

Learn a new skill now

On countless occasions, you have likely said to yourself “I wish I knew how to do this” Then, of course, life got in the way and you put it off until you could find the time.

Maybe you wanted to become fluent in a language, learn a new instrument, enhance your DIY skills, or a master a myriad of other skills. With the vast amount of knowledge online, you’re now your only excuse. Here are some top most highly desired skills that you can teach yourself and should.


6. Revamp your resume, cover letter and/or essays

Things To Do This Holiday

Update your resume

Whether it’s a job, internship or college application resume, email templates, cover letter or essays, updated documents are always good to keep on hand at all times. After all, you never know when you might need them! Opportunity knocks the moment you are least expecting it so it is always best to be prepared at a moment’s notice. As a result, take the extra time during your break to work on all your important documents, adding any extra information you have had since you last updated them. If you need any extra tips or reference materials, here are some helpful resources.

In addition, if there was ever a time to apply for opportunities, it’s now! if you devote a few hours to your scholarship applications; it will make a world of difference in your search. After all, it only takes one to win!


7. Read.   

 Things To Do This Holiday


The benefits of reading are not limited to entertainment. You can learn and improve skills that can add value to your life. Reading novels to pass the time is a great way to exercise the brain. Read every day and you will see changes in your vocabulary and writing skills.

There are millions of beneficial books to help you do anything.


8. Have Fun

 Things To Do This Holiday

Have Fun

Holiday is incomplete without fun, you can go on an adventure with your friends, check out new places to explore, invite friends to join you on a trip to these new places, a town you have never been before, engage in sports, music, dance or art. While doing this, be sure to keep a mobile phone handy to take pictures and save the memory.

Please note that a lot of these cannot be done if you remain glued to your bed while you wait for the holiday to end.

Your comments:  Do you agree that holidays can be put to better use rather than rest?  Are you doing something? Once you write it down, it is more likely to happen.

I look forward to your comments

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    Holidays are meant for personal development and personal enjoyment(lol) and I’ve managed to get a ⅞ above, resting during.your holiday is not a bad idea that is if you really need it.

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    This is nice , it has changed my taughts about holidays. ..it shows I have been wasting most of my holidays …thanks

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    Very helpful tips

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    This piece is really helpful

  • Oriyomi Rachael
    Posted at 19:34h, 03 January Reply

    This piece is really helpful.

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    Thou i saw this a bit late, but it actually helped.

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    I never thought all these could be accomplished during holidays. thanks a bunch

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