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These 5 activities will accelerate your career pursuit as a student

These 5 activities will accelerate your career pursuit as a student

One of the greatest fears upon graduation is not securing a job. In as much as there are different kinds of jobs in different capacities available, a lot of graduates end up in low capacity jobs and become very dissatisfied with life over time.

Irrespective of your discipline, this piece will set you up to an interview level and if you are lucky, an employment offer for YOUR DREAM JOB and in your DREAM COMPANY.

The labour market is evolving into a more competitive force, there are certain skills and activities that will stand you out from the crowd and place you among the selected few of employable candidates for your dream job.

Acquire soft and technical skills: Soft skills are people skills; they are personal attributes that indicate a high level of emotional intelligence in one and with other people. These skills include interpersonal skills, effective written and oral communication skills, adaptability skills, problem-solving, teamwork, etc. Technical skills, on the other hand, are hard skills set required for a particular task. For instance, a computer programmer’s technical skills are in writing codes in any programming language (C++, Java, Python, etc). The technical skills are majorly developed through training and personal hard work while the soft skills can be learned through practicing, volunteering, taking responsibilities, attending seminars and networking

Get professional training in your chosen field: Do your research on training available for your industry. For finance careers, TalentMine trains interested undergraduate and graduate students in investment banking and securities trading courses. And we further place our candidates to investment banks both in Nigeria and the UK. There are other head hunters and training institutions that do likewise in different fields. It’s your responsibility to research them out, contact them and engage. This action will position you for more opportunities for employment in your field.

Volunteer, gain valuable leadership/work experience: It’s often said: Don’t just pass through School, let school pass through you. One of the ways by which you can gain valuable leadership experience is by applying for leadership roles in your department, faculty, hall of residence, fellowship, society or club. Other ways of gaining valuable experience is by actively participating in extra-curricular activities like sports. Through this, you are setting up your experience

Achieve high-flying academic results: No brainer. No questions about it and no 2 way around it. If you are among those that say academics grades are not important, please change your perception. Even though 1st class is overrated and the rise of 2.2s are becoming more experienced, it’s important you play safe and been safe means having good grades. Why do you, for the most part, see the requirements as a 1st class or Second Class upper? Well, I think it’s majorly to reduce the number of applicants. You hardly hear of Second Class lower with experience as a requirement.

Get a professional certification: Certifications like PMP, ACCA, CFA, CIMA, et al are great but not necessary for an undergraduate. They are great extras you can add to your portfolio which will definitely stand you out and has the capacity to accelerate your career growth.

Seyi Dutire

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