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Temperament and the influence on career choices

Temperament and the influence on career choices

Temperament is individual differences in emotions, response, and self-regulation that demonstrates consistency across situations and over time, it is logical to assume it influences the career choices we make. Some people ignore their individual peculiarities, therefore, may take wrong steps at professional paths.

Emotional intelligence is crucial for those willing to get the most out of their strengths and applying temperament features to work, decision making, professional skills to develop, and environment to feel most comfortable while building a successful career.

Let us study each temperament for a better understanding of the people around us, learn their unique qualities and use them on our work path.

The Sanguine (Enthusiastic, Active, and Social)

It is not difficult to identify a Sanguine when you spot one. They are social butterflies, ever cheerful and easygoing. Making new friends is very easy for a sanguine and there is never a dull moment whenever you have them around. Their natural charisma adds richness to every community.

A Sanguine is a very creative and artistic individual whose self-confidence and superb interpersonal skills and positive attitude to get on well with peers and clients makes him a good team player.

If you are sanguine, you will naturally do well if you choose a career in the Customer service, Public relation, Travel, Entertainment, Fashion, Marketing executives and Social services.

To get better, you will need to improve on your, time management, multi-tasking ability, and proactive social engagement and be a flexible dialogue.

The Choleric (Competitive, Goal-Oriented, Motivational)

When you meet a Choleric and you’ll find a very practical, Logical and straightforward person. For them, motivating or influencing others is a trait that comes naturally. They are very enthusiastic, goal oriented, savvy, analytical and logical individuals who are not satisfied until they are in charge of everything.

Cholerics are ambitious and leader-like, if you are, you may want to consider a career that gives you more room to express these innate potentials. Some career or professional interest that will be ideal for a Choleric are those that play to their strengths in leadership skills, energy to start new projects with passion and a persuasive and attractive disposition.

Natural predispositions help them to do well as Programmers, Engineers, Business People, Lawyers, Technologist, Security, Management, and Statistics.

To get better, you may need to improve on your level of commitment to follow through projects, learn to manage emotion and work with people who have similar professional interests.

The Melancholy (Tactful, Thoughtful and Remote)

A Melancholic personality is reserved and more often naturally intelligent person. Often perceived as boring for their reserved nature and love for solitude.

The Melancholy is a cautious thinker, compliant controller and task-oriented individual. They pay attention to details, stick to rules and prefer to do things the traditional way even when others do not understand why. By default, they are good at figuring things out and this trait has been the secret of many great inventions we see in our world today.

Melancholics are thoughtful loners and analytical thinkers who prefer to work alone or in small groups to avoid distractions… they love their space. They usually do well in research, art, science, accounting, administration, and social work.

The Phlegmatic (Calm, Rational and Steady)

If you need someone reliable, self-controlled and effective, just meet a Phlegmatic. They are naturally good team players and supportive individuals. Mediation is a natural gift; they know how to avoid and resolve conflicts. They can maintain relationships with old friends, colleagues or even classmates.

They are not as fast at decision-making as choleric, they do stay the course and maintain a cool head when things get tough. Their values and characteristics make them usually do well in nursing, education, psychology, office work, assistant roles, human or social services.

Being a phlegmatic person, you will need to self-improve on certain areas such as starting work on a project in advance, focusing to solve one critical problem than spend energy on multitasking, avoiding procrastination and inactivity, learning to air opinion and discontent in public.

Every temperament has a distinguished characteristic best suited for a role and career path, discover yours.

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