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Managing the Sunday evening worry about work.

Managing the Sunday evening worry about work.

Even if you love your job, you should be familiar with that Sunday evening feeling. Around 6:00 pm when Sunday no longer feels like a weekend and the anxiety of another workweek washes over you. The refreshing feeling of Friday suddenly hit a patch and the weekend ends even before the end.

Research shows that 76% of people report having this Sunday feeling which you can admit to having felt from long ago… a major throwback to childhood when every Sunday evening was a rush hour for completion of assignments and take-home exercises, the same worry has caught up with many people, even to their workplace.

It is interesting to note that this dread is caused by “thinking ahead instead of staying in the moment”; the same reason why people are happy on Friday even though they are still at work. The mind is already on the next day. Fortunately, there are quite a few things you can do to ease those feelings without calling in sick on Mondays or enduring a distressed Sunday night. Experiment with these tactics to start making Sunday evenings less stressful.

1. Understand the root of the feeling

Though simple, it is tough to get to the root of this issue without understanding what is bothering you. Many people think their jobs are not important, keep strained workplace relationships or feel they are not engaged in their work, so they get excited about turning it off for the weekend.

Once you can put your finger on why Monday is such a discouragement, you can begin to address the underlying issues. If you have workplace conflicts or serious issues with your job, you may need to work on long-term fixes for those problems to alleviate the anxiety they bring.

2. Start Monday On Friday

While it is tempting to dash out the door on Friday evening, you might be doing yourself a big favour if you take a bit of time to organize the following week first or take a few minutes on Saturday morning to plan what needs to be done on Monday.

Ensure you have the information and resources you need to complete those Monday’s tasks, and identify any obstacles or challenges so they do not catch you by surprise. If you are prepared, you will feel better heading into the day and you will free up your Sunday evening for something more fun or relaxing.

3. Mindshift

It is easy to spot everything that is wrong when you think you have too much to do, your job is boring, or your boss is a far cry from being nice. All of these can feed into Sunday-night stress. Instead, turn around that negative thinking.

Think about the benefits of your job or the parts you like, how your income provides for you and your family may be a good distraction to the bore. Think about how your position and role contribute to your quality of life and carer development. Sometimes, knowing these benefits can help you see things in a new light and evolve a more promising mindset.

4. Surround yourself with happiness

We all know life can be hard and we all have our struggles. But isn’t it refreshing to spend time with people who don’t waste time and energy complaining? You can almost feel your spirits lifting around someone who is willing to see the good in things.

Surround yourself with a support system that keeps you sane. This may be friends, family or even co-workers you are comfortable with them. Spend time relaxing with them, their relaxing and happy energy could be contagious for you because no man is an island, and we’re all affected by the mood of those around us.

5. Live in the moment

When we become too consumed by our thoughts, we can become really stressed which can be very detrimental to our health. It’s important to stimulate your life with strategies that will enable you to stay more focused on each moment that you are presented with.

Workday is workday, Weekend is what is. Make the best use of work hours by being productive. Savour the time you have after work, enjoy it while it last and don’t wait for the weekend to have little fun.

With only 60 hours between that 6 p.m. TGIF  and that 6 a.m. Monday alarm clock and it is almost unrealistic to stop thinking about everything work-related on the weekends but with better preparation, good energy and a positive mindset, you’ll give yourself new-found energy and excitement for the work you will be doing on Monday morning.

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