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2018 Workplace Competence

2018 Workplace Competence

When starting a job search or planning to build your career, note there are top industrial competencies necessarily for an upward moving and growing career. In essence, these are a group of skills or attributes that employees always need to carry out their work effectively.

Competencies vary between different industries and positions, often analyzed throughout job descriptions and position specifications. Also during a job search, especially on your resume, you will need to demonstrate how you meet each of these competencies identified by the employer. This guide outlines the competencies that you will need to build a career.



Sound reasoning skills are pretty essential You need to be able to demonstrate that you are capable of considering all the facts, thinking them through intelligently to reach important decisions. Understanding the organization’s value system and culture and integrating this into problem-solving is also very important.

The following are examples of such skills

  •  Decisions making skills
  •  Finding patterns, evaluating data and reaching conclusions
  •  Methodical Approach to solve complex problems into manageable segments
  • Ability to obtain relevant information, collating data.
  • Problem analysis and solving skills


While some of the above competencies relate to specific industries, there are several competencies which are ‘transferable’. This means that you can take them from one industry such as marketing and apply them in another such as IT.

  • Innovative and problem-solving capacity
  • Reliability and efficiency
  • Moral Principles and Ethical Standard
  • Prioritizing, Time and Resource management.
  • Understanding how industry trends impact on the business.


Competencies in this category relate not only to computer skills but also to your ability to think creatively, devise innovative systems and processes and develop policies to facilitate operations.

Technical competencies are the most in-demand and set to become ever more important to the graduate workforce.

  • Creative thinking
  • Computer Literacy
  • Data Management
  • Equipment and Program Knowledge
  • Understanding Of Policies Business Values And Culture

All positions in various industries usually incorporate several of the above competencies. To know more on how to demonstrate and apply each competency, drawing on past academic or work experience, there’s every chance that you will succeed and build a great career, We can help. Visit our career centre for more information.


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