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Take Charge of Your Career Early

Take Charge of Your Career Early

The indescribable joy that accompanies admission into the tertiary institution and the sense of fulfillment from graduating is immeasurable due to the multiple coursework, lectures, practical, examinations and rigors of the career formative years of most individuals.The world of work can be a culture shock and shift for new graduates who have spent the last 16-plus years in schools where success is defined by A’s on their papers, a 5.0 on their transcript, and classroom accolades on their resume. It is a major shock for those who got by simply showing up to class, acing assignments and only being involved in group projects when grades are involved.

Current reactions to graduates’ inadequate education suggests inappropriate curriculums, courses and the irresponsibility of the students themselves to pursue learning opportunities outside the classroom.  Some graduates are poorly prepared for work and a university degree is no longer a guarantee for communication skills or technical competence. As a result, University graduates are commonly viewed as “half baked.”

Traditionally, Higher education is a time and place to develop an area of expertise, figure out a career path and prepare for it. The idea is that those four/five years are your chance to develop the skills needed so that when you enter the workforce, you are prepared. That model is almost outdated and undergrads need to be better prepared for workplace and a career.

How then can a Career be groomed early?

    • Flexible Career planning from the outset.  : While a certain career may seem like a good fit for you now, think about how different you may be in five, ten or twenty years. As you get older, have more experiences and learn new things, your feelings about what you want to do may change. So planning a blueprint that synchronizes with your interest and global development trend in your industry of choice is highly essential.


    • Build a Network : Networking is actually about building long-term relationships and a good reputation over time. It involves meeting and getting to know people who you can assist and can potentially help you in return. Relationships built during higher education cannot be underestimated, they can either help or hinder students academically and socially. A positive student-teacher relationship does not only translate to academic success, students that establish a good relationship with their lecturers usually perform better than students do whose relationships with teachers involve some sort of conflict. Getting recommendations for professional advancement is always easy when there is a positive relationship between the faculty and you.


    • Maximize student offers : Various scholarships and online platforms focus on student development. They offer specialized career development processes for prices almost free. search for scholarships that give preference to or are available specifically for your interest and goals. depending in your location, there are even more scholarships that are available to students in the developing Sub-Saharan Africa. Application is always free and failure to benefit from such opportunities are always forever lost when you are no longer a student.


    • Gaining work experience (Internships, Volunteer) : This is how higher education meets employment; students gain experience working in an organization while studying. They can be paid or unpaid and allow you to work in an organization for a set period, which could be anything from one intensive week, to interning once a week for reviews. The benefits of internships ranges from exposure to real-world problems and issues that perhaps are not found in textbooks, increased marketability to employers, ease transition from being a student to entering the workforce, Self-confidence boost in the workplace while developing an expanded network of associates and professionals and this may facilitate a higher starting salary than non-intern experience.


    • Using online tools and resources. : With over a million and one portals dedicated to career development, networking and online education, optimizing the internet for career advancement has never been easier. A functioning LinkedIn account is a good way to startup with a powerful presence, connect with over 377 million professionals. Talentmine Career Centre offers you personalized Career Coaching and training  to aid your chances of a successful career. complimentary services includes CV Reviews, Interview preparations and career sessions.

Your Future Starts Today

Only you can prepare yourself for a successful career. While a degree is certainly a step in the right direction, that slip of paper with a fancy crest and signature is not an end in itself but a means to it. In addition to pursuing your degree, you should use your formative years to grow outside the classroom. From early career planning to helpful internships, your focus should be on becoming a well-rounded graduate with an eye on the future.

We are dedicated to helping you find success in their career, standing with you, side by side, every step of the way!

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  • Abdul waheed Aisha
    Posted at 21:20h, 25 April Reply

    I love this. So helpful

  • Oriyomi Afolabi Olumide
    Posted at 22:25h, 26 April Reply

    Dear admin,
    I really appreciate this message. It really goes a long way helping me to resuscitate my interest for internship.
    I would appreciate if given the opportunity of being an intern in your reputable organization.
    I look forward to a positive feedback.

  • Christopher Enemuwe
    Posted at 19:15h, 15 May Reply

    Thank you very much for this useful piece

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