Welcome to TalentMine | TalentMine is a social enterprise focused on preparing young graduates and undergraduates for the workplace and giving them the requisite soft and technical skills to stand out in the modern workplace.
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TalentMine HR Refinery is a cutting Edge Human Resource Management preparatory certificate course for onboarding HR professionals.


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Secure an Internship Opportunity with a Global Finance Firm.


Have you ever dreamt of securing a 3 month all expenses paid internship or perhaps a full time job with the world’s leading investment banks in London, Lagos or any other city of the world?


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Apply To Be Invited To The BAML Corporate Presentation Event


Are you passionate about finance? Or curious about what investment banks do?Find out more about these topics and the wide range of programmes available for undergraduates as Bank of America Merrill Lynch would be hosting students in the month of April 2020.


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