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The Open Refinery

The Open Refinery
For the last 3 years, TalentMine has provided superior finance training for undergraduates preparing for roles with leading investment banks like Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and ARM amongst others. We have typically provided this training in a closed exclusive class for paying students, however, this year we decided to do something revolutionary. Instead of keeping our training information and materials closed, we have decided instead to open them up to any undergraduate that is interested in an internship with a leading firm ABSOLUTELY FREE. Best of all, TalentMine will recommend students who have completed the curriculum to our leading investment banking partners like Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, etc.
How to use The Open Refinery
1. Sign up to receive an email with the curriculum
2. The curriculum contains videos and materials for study. Watch the training videos and complete the materials for study in a timely manner
3. Choose which division of an investment banking interests you. (Investment Banking, Sales & Trading or Technology Division) Information regarding division choice is provided as part of the curriculum.
4. You are expected to read ALL in the “General Skills Guide” section of the curriculum, you can however select which division you are interested in from the “Division Skills Guide”
5. When you are ready, take the completion test for the division of your interest. The link to the completion test will be in the email you receive
6. Candidates excelling in the completion test will be provided the following
a. Recommendation to leading investment banks for internships
b. Exclusive mentorship with professionals and previous interns towards preparation for interviews
c. Free assistance with CV preparation to improve chances of selection
Please note the following
1. We have limited slots for recommendation, so it’s best to study the materials in depth as promptly as possible to get the highest score you can as quickly as possible.
So what are you waiting for. Sign up by entering your details in the fields below to get your own copy of the curriculum and take the first step to a great internship in London.
Application for The Open Refinery is closed

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