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What is TalentMine?

We are a cutting edge recruitment consultancy founded by former employees of leading investment banks in the city of London. The consultancy is focused on identifying and training top tier undergraduates and graduates for internship and full time positions with leading financial firms. At TalentMine, we believe that young people have the raw intelligence to excel however they need the access to get the foot in the door and the support in building the skills required. We go one step above other recruitment firms by not only providing the access but also providing the training that lets you maximize that access

Who are your clients?

We serve clients in the financial institutions space in Nigeria, Ghana and the UK. Some of our clients include, Bank of America Merrill Lynch; where we support their recruitment efforts in Nigeria and Ghana; Exotix; ARM and Afrinvest amongst others

What is The Refinery?

The Refinery is TalentMine’s exclusive, invitation only training programme. The programme attracts and trains high potential candidates in the social and technical skills needed to excel at leading local and international finance companies. Following the training, top tier candidates are then giving the opportunity to interview with these firms. Historically, about 95% of our trainees have succeeded in securing internships or full time offers following interviews with leading firms

What is the difference between TalentMine and The Refinery

TalentMine is a boutique recruitment agency i.e. the company while The Refinery is the programme developed and run by the agency, TalentMine, to train candidates for roles in the finance industry

How can I attend The Refinery?

Attendance at The Refinery is by invitation following an application and interview process. We consider a large pool of competent candidates and select the most promising to be part of a limited class. To be a part of the programme, simply fill out the required online application. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews and successful candidates invited to the programme. APPLICATIONS FOR THE REFINERY ARE NOW OPEN. Click here to apply

What kind of people are selected for The Refinery?

A typical candidate for the refinery would be a University undergraduate or graduate of ANY discipline with top tier grades, a high class rank and stellar extracurricular activities focused on leadership, teamwork and management. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications especially Word, PowerPoint and Excel are essential while knowledge of high value programming languages are essential for those interested in a technology role in the finance industry. Knowledge of finance is an advantage but not compulsory. However strong communication and analytical skills are compulsory

I am not studying/a graduate of a Finance related course, how can I be a part of The Refinery

The Refinery is open to undergraduates and graduates of ANY discipline, your course of study does not matter so long as you have the passion and aptitude to excel. The Refinery training prides itself in the ability to imbibe in finance and non finance majors the required skills to excel in any finance firm

I am not based in Lagos or Nigeria. Can I still be part of The Refinery

Absolutely! TalentMine has developed a technology platform that allows selected candidates based more than 4 hours outside Lagos or based in a foreign country to join our classes via the internet.  To select such candidates, we will be conducting telephone and Skype interviews while selected candidates will be able to watch the classes at any time virtually, drop questions on The Refinery forum and take part in class assignments and projects.

How do I get more information?

For general enquiries about TalentMine or The Refinery training programme feel free to send us an email on info@talentmine.com.ng. We will surely get back to you within 1 working day