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How to write a Refined CV

How to write a Refined CV

In less than 3 months from now, leading international investment banks and finance institutions will be receiving applications from undergraduates all over Nigeria and across Africa (EMEA). Even right now, financial institutions are calling for internship applications. For most applicants, the first bridge to cross is the CV/Resume review. Since banking employers don’t have the chance to meet everybody, they ask you to send a representation (usually on pen and paper) of you that they can have a quick look at and use to decide whether to meet you in person or not. Sadly, this is where a majority get it wrong.

Two key things to remember are that most bankers survey your CV for about 10 seconds or thereabout and they have tons of others just like yours that they need to review. So how do you carve a niche for yourself?  This is what your resume needs to be like

  1. Be concise and to the point
  2. Stand out in positive light


Be Concise and to the Point

It’s best your CV is not more than 1 page long, maximum of 1.5 pages, if you really have to extend the length. Keeping it this concise will force you to focus on the KEY details that make you stand out from the crowd and prevent you from filling it up with irrelevant details

Be Concise
Stand Out in Positive Light

The banker or recruiter perceives who you are through your CV. With lots of other CVs to review and for yours not to get a reject, then it has to stand out. Fancy font, picture and lots of rainbow colours, age, sexual and marital status are a simple dunk in the trash bin. The easiest way to do this is to make sure that it is well laid out, devoid of spelling and grammatical errors and highlights your strong skills that are relevant to the job. In addition, your fonts should be Calibri with body size at 11.

It’s usually best to follow a simple layout with sections on your contact details, education, experience, skills and extracurricular activities. Under the experience section don’t forget to make use of strong action words, talk about your achievements rather than your job description. Also try and quantify as much of your achievements as you can.

TalentMine Nigeria has a wonderful guide with CV writing tips you can DOWNLOAD HERE.

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  • Temilore Orekoya
    Posted at 15:56h, 11 September Reply

    This is a wonderful platform; ingenious in and of itself.

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